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  • We can provide cost-effective Hazardous Waste management. Contaminated waste disposal shouldn’t eat into your costs or give you grief. We offer our expert advice to streamline the whole process and ensure all standards are met whilst driving down costs.
  • We look after all aspects of Hazardous Waste meticulously. Contaminated waste disposal isn’t something to be taken lightly and there’s no room for error. You have a duty to dispose of chemical waste properly and safely and we can get that done for you. Just leave the details to us.
  • Greenzone can offer expert guidance and our extensive knowledge to select the most appropriate disposal route for your hazardous waste. Whether you need to dispose of asbestos waste or chemical waste, we work with you to make sure the whole process runs completely smoothly, at all times.

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IMPORTANT! Changes to the Hazardous Waste Regulations from 1 April 2016. Click here for more information

Why Choose Greenzone for your Hazardous Waste Collection?

You can’t cut corners or take risks when it comes to chemical waste disposal. Our dedicated in-house Compliance and Quality Team are always working to ensure you are fully compliant with all up-to-date rules and regulations. We will keep you in the loop about any changes and work rigorously to make sure everything is completed to the highest standard.