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Busy bars, shops and a whole variety of businesses can benefit from a commercial glass recycling service. We can make glass disposal super simple with separate internal and external containers for glass waste collection.

Greenzone can offer a national glass collection and recycling service, providing a tailored collection to suit your business needs, while our expert sales team can offer you advice about collections and containers.

Request a quote online or call 0333 99 66 666 for an instant glass collection quote from our sales team.

How is glass recycled?

Glass recycling is taken to a glass treatment plant where it is cleaned to remove impurities and sorted by colour. After being crushed, it is melted and moulded into new jars, bottles, glasses or other containers.

What are the benefits of Glass Waste recycling

  • Reduced costs: Glass disposal is much more cost effective than general waste; our expert team will advise you on introducing a glass collection.
  • Environmentally friendly: substantially less energy is required to recycle glass than create it, which means that properly disposing of your glass waste will help reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Conserves our countryside: glass recycling reduces the need to quarry raw materials which protects our landscape and countryside.

What can I add to a Glass Waste collection?

We can arrange for the collection and recycling of:

  • Glass Bottles
  • Glass jars
  • Broken Glass
  • Old Glassware

What can glass be recycled into?

Glass is one of the few materials that can be recycled forever without any impact on quality or purity. Waste glass can be recycled into new glass containers – a process that uses far less energy than creating glass from raw materials.

Recycled glass can even be used in the production of flooring, tiles, countertops and decorative stones and bricks.

All our collections are provided by our reliable, tried and tested waste partners. We use cost effective and local facilities only for your glass waste, which ensures the lowest possible carbon emissions for your glass recycling.