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If you’re a business looking for rubbish removal, Greenzone offer a full range of commercial waste collection services including general waste collection and recycling. We can provide a variety of containers to suit all your business waste needs from bags to skips, while our sales team are experts in waste and can offer advice to suit your business needs.

Greenzone support the principles of the Waste Hierarchy aimed at maximising waste prevention at the top of the hierarchy and minimising waste disposal at the bottom.

All our trade waste services are bespoke, completely flexible, cost-effective and fully compliant. Simply request a quote today, and we’ll do the rest.

What does General Waste mean?

The term ‘General Waste’ covers all non-hazardous rubbish. Your General Waste collection should be used for anything that isn’t Dry Mixed Recycling or Glass. This is a good service for you if you’re looking for hassle free rubbish removal for your business.

What is classed as General Waste?

  • Trade waste: builders rubble, garden waste, dry commercial or industrial waste
  • Office waste: any unrecyclable boxes, paper or folders
  • Other waste: cloth, plastic, glass, Styrofoam, decontaminated labware

Greenzone support the principles of the Waste Hierarchy which aims to maximise waste prevention at the top of the hierarchy and minimise waste disposal at the bottom. Our in-house Compliance and Quality Team will help you to ensure you are fully compliant and offer advice on waste management. Although general waste disposal is necessary, we would always encourage reuse and recycling where possible.