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If you run a restaurant or café, shop or even a supermarket, then you’ll need to dispose of your Food Waste. Food Waste collection companies, like Greenzone, can help you manage this waste in an ethical and beneficial way. Commercial food waste collection is a consideration for both large and small businesses, and we have the right solution for you whatever your size.

What types of Food Waste can be recycled?

Almost all food can be recycled including:

  • Meat and fish including bones
  • Dairy products
  • Plate scrapings and leftovers
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings and skins
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds

All collections are carried out by our highly reliable, tried and tested waste partners, are bespoke to your business, and always fully compliant. Just call our team for a quote today and we’ll do the rest.

How do we recycle Food Waste?

We offer dedicated collection and disposal of Food Waste by anaerobic digestion (AD). This is a process that breaks down organic matter to produce biofertilizer and biogas, creating renewable energy. All food waste will be collected and taken to the local AD facility, where it will be subject to an environmentally friendly process generating the least emissions possible.

What are the benefits of Food Waste recycling?

Correct Food Waste management benefits the environment by maintaining valuable nutrients which can be used to feed and nourish soil, as well as reducing the methane and carbon dioxide that would be released if food waste were to decay in landfill. AD is a source of renewable energy, turning your food waste into a resource rather than an environmental problem. AD reduces your carbon footprint and does not contribute to climate change. Recycling your food waste also significantly reduces costs and when you work with Greenzone, is completely hassle free.