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One container makes Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) a simple and effective way to increase how much your company recycles. Most businesses will increase their recycling figures instantly and recycling waste is a much cheaper and more ethical way of disposing of your waste when compared with general waste collection.

What can be included in DMR Waste?

  • Paper: waste paper recycling including newspapers, magazines and office paper
  • Plastic: such as rinsed bottles, tubs and trays
  • Cups & Cans: clean metal tins and non-waxed cups
  • Cardboard: including corrugated card and cereal boxes

All our dry waste recycling services are bespoke to your business, 100% flexible, cost-effective and fully compliant - guaranteed. Simply request a quote today, and leave the rest to us.

What does Dry Mixed Recycling mean?

Dry mixed recycling, also known as co-mingled recycling, allows businesses to recycle their waste without having to separate materials into multiple recycling streams. It’s just like a waste paper collection but it covers much more including plastics, cups and cans and cardboard.

A variety of dry recyclables can be disposed of together and sorting takes place at the materials recovery facility, so there’s no need for you to worry about the sorting process.

What are the benefits of mixed recycling?

DMR recycling is convenient and simple to manage. It can speed up waste disposal in busy businesses whilst allowing you to dispose of waste in an ethical way. It will also reduce your costs if you are currently paying to have waste sent to landfill.

How does Dry Mixed Recycling work?

All your dry recyclables are collected in one container and removed by one vehicle. This keeps waste disposal simple for our customers, avoiding landfill tax and lowering their carbon footprint.

Greenzone's in-house Compliance and Quality Team are always working to ensure you are fully compliant and can offer advice on all waste streams. Click below for more information or a quote today.