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The current position with Coronavirus is constantly developing. As your appointed waste collection provider we have been receiving a number of requests seeking information in respect of:

  • (1) disposal of waste which is, or is potentially contaminated with coronavirus; and
  • (2) what plans we have in place to ensure the continuity of waste collection services.

  • We are keeping up with Government advice and utilising trusted and reliable sources such as the NHS, Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care. Further, we have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which is activated to ensure as far as reasonably possible that our operations and services will continue.

    Disposal of coronavirus contaminated waste

    Call 0333 99 66 666 and request a collection of clinical waste.
    Waste contaminated with coronavirus, or potentially contaminated with coronavirus is classified as Category B Clinical (UN3291, EWC 18 01 03*).
    The collection of clinical waste is part of our usual services and we work with a number of preferred suppliers who have the competence and infrastructure to collect your waste safely in accordance with legal requirements, and in accordance with enhanced infection measures.

    Measures that we are taking to ensure continuity of service

      1. We acknowledge our duty of care to protect employees from infectious diseases at work. We:

    • a. have identified a few vulnerable employees (with pre-existing conditions or who are immune-impaired) who are being monitored and who will work remotely as a priority if necessary.
    • b. are providing regular updates to employees
    • c. are providing hand washing facilities (warm water and soap) and encouraging frequent hand washing
    • d. have provided alcohol-based hand gel, and encourage frequent hand cleaning
    • e. have provided tissues
    • f. have advised employees to follow the standard procedure of covering their mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing which needs to be discarded immediately
    • g. have ensured work surfaces, metal surfaces (e.g. door handles and door push panels) are cleaned daily
    • h. have instructed employees what do to if they feel unwell (avoid contact with others, call 111 and self-isolate)
    • i. have instructed employees to avoid unnecessary meetings and to use other means of communications like telephone conferences. If a meeting is to take place employees must first check for suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus before proceeding
    • h. have instructed employees what do to if they feel unwell (avoid contact with others, call 111 and self-isolate)
    • j. asked employees to notify us if they have, or plan to travel to affected areas or if they believe they have come into contact with an affected person

      2. At the time of writing, we have no suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus and no employee has travelled or intends to travel to an affected area.

      3. We are putting measures for remote working in place. Our BCP provides for members of the Crisis Management Team and the BCP Team to be equipped for remote working. In the circumstances, we are extending the provision of I.T. and mobile communication equipment and access to Greenzone system via secure VPN.

      4. IT support (which can be provided remotely) is and will be available at all times.

      5. Key departments have been identified and if required will be supported as a priority: .

    • a. Procurement – who will deal with supplier communications
    • b. Key Account Management/FM Account Management/Customer Services – who will deal with customer communications

      6. We have evaluated our supply chain and are in regular contact with them regarding the continuation of their services. Our supply chain tell us it is business as usual and they are in regular contact with the regulatory bodies (Environment Agency, Defra) regarding any emergency provisions which may be required in respect of the movement and storage of waste. We are contacting suppliers to obtain BCP details where we do not currently hold details on our supplier database.

      7. We are confident of the effectiveness of our BCP, our managers and our people to implement the BCP so that waste management services continue.

    These are exceptional circumstances but we are prepared and it is very much business as usual for us. Our goal is to enable ongoing operations and services before and during execution of disaster recovery. If you have any queries please contact us on 0333 99 66 666 or via email at

    Kind Regards,

    Buisness Continuity Team