Baling and Supplies

Baling your cardboard, paper and plastics is a great way to reduce your costs.

We can supply both vertical and multi-chamber balers. Our site audit team can advise you which type would be best suited to your businesses needs.

The vertical baler range is robustly constructed and easy to operate. These compact balers fit neatly into any confined working area, making them the ideal machine for small commercial and retail outlets. Suitable for up to around 15 tonnes of an individual waste stream being produced per month, the benefits include:

  • Low noise levels.
  • High density bales to reduce costs.
  • Easily accessible baler twine for simple and quick preparation for recycling.
  • Ejector plate for easy removal from the baler.
  • Control panel and ‘bale full’ warning light preventing overloading.

The multi-chamber baler range has been designed for organizations wanting to sort their waste streams and reduce their costs. The benefits of these balers include:

  • Low noise levels.
  • Compact design ideal for factories operating with little available workspace.
  • Automatic bale eject for easy bale removal.
  • Easy to move to new location as new waste is produced.
  • Bale full warning light and lockable controls to prevent overloading.
Most Favoured - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Energy Recovery - Disposal - Least Favoured