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Greenzone customers are automatically set up on the Customer Portal. This bespoke software allows you to log into your account, where you will be able to:

View your services, frequency and prices

Services, frequency and prices are displayed in easy to understand tables.

View upcoming scheduled lifts

Quickly see how many collections you have on any given day regardless of quantity.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reports on waste totals, waste splits, service success rates and waste disposal destinations.

View invoices, credits and payments

Invoices can be viewed, exported or downloaded.

View and download your documents

Compliance Documents, Consignment Notes and Custom Reports can be viewed and downloaded.

View and sign waste transfer notes

Users have the ability to view and sign Waste Transfer Notes within Customerzone, meaning paper printouts are no longer required.

View and respond to any support tickets or requests.

Logging tickets can be done through Customerzone, you will get responses direct to your portal. To ensure you never miss an update we’ll also send you an email.