Three-quarters of adults get ‘green glow’ from environmental action, poll claims

Three-quarters of adults get a “green glow” from doing something positive for the environment, a new poll claims. A feeling of joy comes from sorting recycling into the correct boxes, batch cooking to minimise food waste, and buying second-hand clothes. Other satisfying tasks include buying eco-friendly tech, cycling or walking instead of driving, and upcycling, […]

BPF says plastic recycling could triple by 2030

The report by the BPF, published yesterday (12 January), highlights what the UK needs to achieve if it is to reduce the reliance on exporting plastic waste for recycling and to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill by 1% by 2030. It suggests that the UK could eliminate reliance on low quality exports […]

The role of packaging in reducing avoidable food waste

Philip Simpson, commercial director at ReFood, discusses why packaging innovation is key to reducing household food waste volumes. According to insight from WRAP, almost half of the UK’s food waste (some 4.5 million tonnes) originates in the home, costing the average family more than £700 every year. The vast majority of this ‘waste’ is considered […]

2020 saw highest ever level of aluminium packaging collected for recycling

While reprocessors and exporters have until the end of the month to report their final annual tonnage, data from the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) highlights that 145,035 tonnes of aluminium packaging was collected for recycling in the UK last year* – a 24% increase compared to 2019 and exceeding the 2020 target by more […]

10 green business trends to watch out for in 2021

If the past five years have taught us anything it is that predictions are a mug’s game. The global economy has endured a particularly volatile period since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015, with President Trump’s victory, Brexit, and the flexing of authoritarian muscles all sparking geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty, even before the […]

Recycling Association calls for separate paper collections

The trade association for independent waste paper processors and their equipment suppliers also wants recovered fibre to meet end-of-waste status by 2025, with other materials to follow by 2030 at the latest. The trade association has laid out its demands as part of its Quality First Roadmap, a programme launched to raise the quality of […]

China trials AI-enabled sorting machines to keep plastic in circular economy

The joint initiative – called Waste-Free World – is part of Unilever’s drive to tackle the root cause of plastic waste and think differently about packaging. Unilever has set a goal to halve its use of virgin plastic, cut plastic packaging by more than 100,000 tonnes and accelerate its use of recycled plastic by 2025. […]

Survey finds shift towards environmentally focused resolutions in 2021

When asked to pinpoint their priorities for the new year, respondents ranked ‘helping the planet and taking action towards living a more sustainable lifestyle’ second (40%) behind exercising more (48%). More than half of Brazilian respondents (51%) intend to prioritise eco-conscious activity. Additionally, 81% of overall respondents want to be more sustainable in 2021, ranging […]

New-sprung: the project turning PPE offcuts into Covid patient mattresses

At the height of the pandemic in the Indian state of Kerala, fashion designer Lakshmi Menon, 46, heard that every new Covid care centre had to have 50 beds. Mattresses were in short supply. Every time a patient was discharged, the mattress had to be incinerated. “I thought: that’s a lot of mattresses and a […]

Cautious waste sector welcome for Brexit trade deal

Formal approval of the post-Brexit trade deal from the European Parliament and the European Council as well as the UK Parliament is still awaited, but there are strong expectations that approval will happen. The Environmental Services Association said that a Brexit deal which enables the free flow of materials from 1 January “has to be […]

Phil Conran awarded OBE in New Year Honours

Mr Conran’s award, in the New Year Honours list 2021 published on 30 December 2020, is for his “services to recycling and the environment”. The announcement brought a warm response from other members of the Advisory Committee (ACP), who spoke of Mr Conran’s ‘hard work’ and ‘breadth of understanding’. He stepped down from the chair […]